Kleen-Floor, floor sweeping compound and oil absorbent, fits into GSA Type I, II, and III Sorbents.
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Kleen Floor
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 Why you should buy KleenFloor?

The Floor sweep product is designed to draw in and hold the dust gathering on your floor. KleenFloor is one hundred percent natural product made from organic ingredients. Disposal of the product is simple limited only by the materials it has absorbed. Our floor sweeping compound is designed to absorb at least 90 percent of its weight in light oils, while at the same time allowing a clean oil-free sweep of your floors. Unlike some competitive brands, we have designed this product sheen free and to not leave an oily on the floor. 

Our oil absorption compound will absorb about 110 percent of light oil and antifreeze. This product is made from the same base material as the floor sweep.

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